French Medecine

French Medecine


- One of the best health system in the world according to WHO in the year 2000.
On 21st June 2000, the WHO (World Health Organization) conducted the first health system analysis around the world. Five performance indicators were used to measure the health systems of the 191 member States.
The analysis concluded that France provided the best health care in the world.

- Best results in the world for the management of treatable diseases in patients under 75

- Creation of University Hospital Centers (CHU) in 1958. True centers of excellence with a very high technical level.
French university hospitals have a triple historical mission: high-level care, teaching and research.
They are often the biggest employers in each French region, with 30 billion euros in annual budgets and 131 reference centers.
These CHUs are present in each of the cities that HOSPPE offers you.
The international influence of French university hospitals is well established. Many partnerships are signed to train doctors from around the world.

- Many French world premieres :
* 112 world premieres since 1958 (date of the creation of the university hospitals),
* 110 000 patients included in the research projects,
* 1.3 billion euros allocated to research,
* More than 1000 annual publications in prestige medical journals (NEJM, Lancet, JAMA, Nature, Science).

- Three Nobel Prizes in Medicine since 2008

- World-renowned research teams. Top laboratories (INSERM, CNRS, Institut Pasteur, CEA, IHU, INRA).

- International expertise recognized for the management of rare and complex diseases.

- Humanitarian organizations of international renown (Médecins Sans Frontière, Médecin du Monde, Chaîne de l’Espoir,…).



The waiting time for surgery in France is less than four months in 93% of cases, making it one of the lowest  waiting times in the world.



The world's leading tourist destination with 85 million international tourists a year, France has developed a unique infrastructure to facilitate hospitality to foreigners.

Transport networks (airport, station, motorway), hotel structures (hotel, rental, ...), catering, are very developed, especially in the 27 university cities that HOSPPE offers.

The tourist attraction of France is explained by the large number of points of interest, and the richness of its historical, cultural and gastronomic heritage.


Getting treatment in France

Model of excellence, French medicine is recognized internationally thanks to the scientific excellence and dynamism of its researchers and doctors.


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Réseau CHU et hôpitaux privés
Réseau CHU et hôpitaux privés
17 March 2022
French medecine

Le saviez-vous? En France, 32 centres Hospitaliers Régionaux et Universitaires (CHU) se répartissent sur tout le territoire français. Les CHU sont des hôpitaux publics d'excellences répondant à une triple mission : le soin d'excellence, l'enseignement et la recherche. La France compte également plus de 1000 hôpitaux privés répartis sur tout le territoire national. Les hôpitaux privés délivrent des soins innovants avec une réactivité importante dans la prise en charge des patients.

Destruction de métastase au foie guidée par le robot QUANTUM SURGICAL
Destruction de métastase au foie guidée par le robot QUANTUM SURGICAL
16 July 2020
French medecine

Un premier patient vient d'être traité à l'Institut Gustave Roussy de métastase du foie, grâce à l'utilisation du robot chirurgical couplé à l’intelligence artificielle. Cette technique a permis de détruire des lésions cancéreuses au niveau du foie sans ouvrir la peau.