HOSPPE answers the most frequently asked questions.

What are the benefits of going through HOSPPE ?
HOSPPE facilitates access to the best French hospitals. HOSPPE is totally independent and has no interest or financial links with the hospitals.The choice of a hospital is therefore based solely on the reputation of the specialized teams, and the human and technological resources made available to deliver very high level care for each pathology concerned.

What exactly does the HOSPPE service offer?
Where to get treatment? Who to contact? How to get an answer? What is the cost of care? HOSPPE replies to each of these questions after contacting the famous French hospitals that are adapted to your situation and showing them your medical file. We then send you the personalized and estimated quote of the hospital and the contact details of your interlocutor within the hospital.

How long does it take HOSPPE to respond from the time I send my request to the return of the personalized quote?
The response time varies, since each situation is unique. When HOSPPE receives the patient's file it is immediately transferred to the partner hospitals. The hospital must then write an estimate as fair as possible according to the pathology to be treated. We can expect an answer in less than 7 days, but sometimes it can be longer.

Can I request a consultation or a second medical opinion in HOSPPE ?
HOSPPE is not a medical consultation platform. In no case will a diagnosis or an opinion be made. 

You have received the estimate and the hospital contact, and you wish to be treated. What happens next?
You can then contact the person at the hospital in charge of your file, who will tell you the following: method of payment, date, ... Remember to ask at the beginning of the process about how to obtain a VISA to come to France.

Why can not I choose a date when I apply to Hosppe.com?
Because it is not HOSPPE who decides the date but the hospital. In France, 93% of programmed operations are carried out in less than 4 months. This delay is one of the lowest in the world. Nevertheless, each patient is unique, and each hospital can have variable delays depending on the period of activity at the time the application is made. In addition, immigration procedures with certain countries may require a specific deadline, which cannot be controlled either by HOSPPE or by the French hospital. We can never guarantee a specific deadline.

How is HOSPPE paid?
HOSPPE is paid only by the administrations fees paid by the patient. These fees make it possible to operate the platform, to transmit your file to the partner hospitals, and to ensure the security of the site. In no case does HOSPPE receive financial returns from hospitals or from your medical care.

What do you do with my medical data?
Your data, whatever it is, is only shared to the hospitals after your authorization in order to obtain a quote and nothing else. The data is then deleted according to the legislation in force. ​​​​​​​In no case do we share the collected data.

Do you have any other questions?

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